We are able to repair most years and models of
MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs
If you are having a problem with your Mac, then the 1st step is Diagnosing the issue(s). During the diagnostic process we will look at your Mac, without making any repairs, to diagnose the problem.
You will always be provided with a quote for any suggested repairs before we proceed. $60 Diagnostic Fee

Upgrade your Macbook, MacBook Pro or iMac

We will replace your hard drive, RAM & clean the inside of your Mac
iMacs- $100 and up
MacBooks & MacBook Pros- $50
(Prices do NOT include the cost of RAM or Hard Drive)

Other Repair Services
OS or OS X Software Install- $40

Data Backup- $40

Data Recovery- $100 and up

And Montanans LOVE their MACS!!!

Our Mission is to help you keep your Mac as updated and optimally functional as possible. Just because your machine is 3-10 years old doesn't mean that it can't be updated. In most repair cases it is more viable to repair your old machine, rather than buying a new or used one. Unless your logic board has gone bad, most repair scenarios make a lot of sense. We strive to be on our customers' side and honest advice will always be given to everyone... We are your Montana Mac Store.