You will see many so-called SEO “Experts” out there, but the truth is that SEO is an art form. It’s a balance of back-end Webmaster communication with the search engines, along with content rich and relevant material that is in sync with the search engines’ newest algorithms and trends. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that forever changed the way we optimize our websites content for search engines.

In 2015, RankBrain was used to operate and interpret 15-20% of search queries, and now Google uses it as a part of the core search engine algorithm. Most importantly to understand is the AI system is a factor for re-ranking search results. RankBrain doesn’t punish websites, but rather elevates or demotes them based on their relevance. In real life, you will need to optimize your website for “Semantic” keywords and contextual clues, instead of just standalone keywords, as you’ve been accustomed to doing and believing as standard SEO practice in the past.

In order to better serve you, we have a quick question to ask. What is your main objective for using SEO in your business? In our opinion it should NOT be rankings, nor should it be traffic, but rather CONVERSIONS! This is the whole reason you are in business and interested in SEO in the first place. Right? You want to convert your customers into sales! That should be the main objective of every successful business. It’s easy to get lost in all of the SEO propaganda, is it not? You can buy all the traffic you want, you can generate all the top rankings for keywords that you want to pay for, but if you aren’t converting your leads into sales then you haven’t reached your highest potential yet. The longer visitors stay on your site and interact with your content, the higher the chance they will complete your desired call-to-action. By creating and implementing a quality content strategy and by building a strong and logical internal link structure for this content you can increase user engagement and dwell time, i.e. the length of time spent on your site.

Again, without Google providing users and webmasters with the exact algorithm(s) of Rank Brain, Hummingbird and Panda there are no such thing as SEO experts. The evolution of how we interact with the artificial intelligence is certainly a scholarly endeavor, an art form and one of the guaranteed changing industries in all of the business niches in the world.

Why all of the in-depth, upfront and honest talk about SEO and marketing services? Because you deserve it. Running a website, business and/or blog can be burdensome enough, yet alone being responsible for all of the SEO integration and updates/trends. You deserve a local SEO company that helps to keep you relevant and enhance your conversions.

There are other SEO enhancements that you may not have considered, including but not limited to: semantic SEO, website page speed, Social Media Integration, Canonicalization, Mobile friendly versions and more. That is what SEO means to us… at the moment. Lol

Please be sure to expect that it will continue to change, evolve and grow, just like US.

We look forward to helping you grow with your SEO.

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